Kidjo Underneath it All


  • Ny singel: Underneath It All släpps den 15 december!

    Klockan 14:00 den 15 december 2017 släpps Kidjos nya singel, Underneath It All, på YouTube, Spotify och iTunes bl. a. (videolänk i galleri e...

    2017-12-14 09:03:00
    Ny singel: Underneath It All släpps den 15 december!
  • Love Pop

    Love Pop

    Äntligen är det dags! En hjärtvärmande julklapp av delikat lyxpop - Kidjos första EP, Love Pop, blandar ett coolt electrogroove med skimrand...

    2017-12-12 20:26:00
  • Ny singel: Love Song släpps den 9 juni!

    Efter en mindre paus är Kidjo tillbaka. Klockan 9:00 den 9 juni 2017 släpps den nya singeln på Youtube, Spotify och iTunes bl a (scrolla län...

    2017-05-30 21:12:00
    Ny singel: Love Song släpps den 9 juni!
  • Ny singel ute 2 dec!

    Ny singel ute 2 dec!

    Ny singel ute fredagen 2 december 2016! Klockan 9:00 säpps videon på youtube (länk till officiell kanal under CONTACT). Singeln är den förs...

    2016-11-27 20:12:00
  • Fotografering

    Tack Josefin Hasselberg som tagit bilderna som ligger på hemsidan. You rule!

    2015-06-27 12:47:00


  • Love Pop

    Love Pop

  • Underneath It All

    Underneath It All

  • Love Song

    Love Song

  • I Gotta Go

    I Gotta Go



Kidjo was born in Stockholm. She writes and produces her music by playing piano, working in Logic and by using her favourite gear Maschine MK2 as well as other hardware synths.

Music has always been a part of her life, in fact, it is her way of life.

"Often the music comes first when I'm writing a song. It can take months before the lyrics comes to me, before I know what the song is symbolising" says Kidjo. She explains that lyrics is a way of channel occurrences and events in her life. When the lyrics are made, she seldom changes it. "The lyrics is an expression of the feeling I had at the moment and instant they were made".

Kidjo finds her music inspiration from people, possibilities, desolate places, vibrant places, the thrill of nature, coincidences, happenings and the pure energy of life!





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